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Mother earth is so wonderful and beautiful.  We need to be more conscience of our environment.  That’s another benefit to cellulose insulation.  Our cellulose contains 75-85% post-consumer recycled newsprint.  It also contains borate, which is a naturally occurring mineral.  And it is 20-50% more effective than fiberglass insulation, which contain only 0-35% PRE-consumer recycled glass.  It is also important to note the amount of energy consumed to manufacture these products.  Cellulose insulation is manufactured in a fairly small plant, powered by small electric motors.  Whereas fiberglass is manufactured in massive blast ovens which consume vast amounts of natural gas to melt sand and chemicals into glass.  Manufacturing fiberglass insulation for a home uses 6 times more energy than manufacturing cellulose to insulate the same home.  You choose.  You as a home owner can make a significant environmental impact by choosing the most environmentally responsible, highest performance insulation.


Why Cellulose Insulation

expensive to maintain.  Research has proven that cellulose can provide up to 50% better performance than fiberglass insulation.  Cellulose insulation will not settle and will not deteriorate over time.


Cellulose insulation also provides superior sound attenuation because it is blown or sprayed in.  This provides a custom fit that eliminates the acoustical shortcuts that are created by batt insulation.  This makes it an excellent choice for reducing sound transmission through walls, ceilings and floors. As parents to 5 kiddos, 2 being babies that still nap, we know how critical it is to have those babies nap.  No one wants a cranky baby.  Keeping rooms quite from barking dogs, vacuum cleaners and the other noises of life are a huge plus.  Cellulose also meets or exceeds all fire safety requirements.  It has a Class A fire rating.  It provides up to 55% better fire resistance than fiberglass insulation.  That could mean the difference of life or death! 

Our cellulose insulation does not contain fiberglass, formaldehyde or other materials associated with increased health concerns.  In fact the American Lung Association chose cellulose insulation for one of their office complexes.  Cellulose insulation minimizes and combats indoor air pollutants.  Many common building materials release and/or contain fairly dangerous substances.  For example, fiberglass insulation is a listed possible carcinogen and contains respirable glass fibers and formaldehyde.  Cellulose insulation is also resistant to insects and mold.  Who wants their family breathing that in?  We don’t and that’s one of the many reasons we chose cellulose.  You can enhance your indoor air quality, which in turn increases your quality of life by choosing cellulose insulation. 

Choosing the right insulation for your home is an important decision.  There is so much information to research.  Let us help you make that choice easy.  Cellulose insulation has numerous benefits for you, your family and your home.  Our cellulose insulation delivers superior R-value per inch, exceptional resistance to air infiltration and superb sound controlling qualities.

Cellulose insulation helps your home or office stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer by effectively controlling all 3 methods of heat transfer.  Time to think back to elementary school science…convective, conductive and radiant heat transfer.  Your building will be more comfortable and less