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Have old or damaged insulation, no problem!  We can vacuum and remove that old nasty stuff. We use state of the art commercial grade vacuums to get rid of that old dusty fiberglass insulation you may have.  If your insulation is effecting your health or causing you more allergies, let us help you get rid of it once and for all.  Having a history of asthma myself, as well family members who suffer from it, it is imperative to keep a tight, dust free home.  Once we have you cleaned up, our next step will be sealing all gaps, holes and any cracks to prevent air infiltration into your home.  We also will look at your ducting to make certain there is nothing that needs sealing as well.  Our final step is re-blowing our clean, cellulose insulation for a comfortable healthy home!  If it’s good enough for the American Lung Association to insulate their Breath Easy Office Complex, it’s good enough for us!     

Removing old dusty nasty Insulation.

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